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Naomi Byrdo


Naomi Byrdo is currently a Senior at Indiana University pursuing studies in Human Development & Family Studies, with a focus on education policy. Aspiring to pursue a career in education policy research, her primary research interests are in educational equity, as well as focuses on student success and effectiveness of K-12 education. She has been awarded scholarships from both the Groups Scholars Program and Twenty-First Century Scholars Program throughout her four years while at IU while maintaining academic success and continual involvement in the surrounding Bloomington area. She is currently the Secretary of the Education Policy Student Association and volunteers as a researcher at the Center for Education Policy & Evaluation on Indiana University’s campus. Aspiring to pursue a career in researching, she exhibits a passion for establishing equality within education through not only policy work, but impactful implementation as well. After graduating in May 2019, she is hoping to apply to graduate school and continue to gain experience in the education field and various forms of policy work.

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